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 Welcome to VG Dressage!


Virginia Giles (Ginny) is a horsewoman with experience in just about every corner of the equine industry. From mucking stalls as an 11 year old working student, to full time wrangler and trail guide, barn manager, CSU equine science student, groom, trainer and always a student of the horse.


Ginny’s focus in the last 10 of her now 20+ years of teaching and training has been dressage. Ginny’s teaching and training style is focused on trust, partnership and harmony between horse and rider, correct biomechanics and a solid dressage foundation through third level.


Ginny also has an extensive background in groundwork, long lining and driving and she very much enjoys incorporating those tools into her teaching and training, making for a well-rounded program which in turn, makes for well-rounded horses and riders/handlers!


Ginny’s home barn is Rowdy Ranch in Firestone, Colorado. She also does some traveling within a reasonable distance of both Weld and Boulder counties. Please contact us to inquire for more info/rates etc.

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