Welcome to VG Dressage!

Virginia Giles of VG Dressage has spent her lifetime working with, learning about and learning from horses. Virginia's teaching and training style is thoughtful and positive, using suppling exercises and creative explanations to help the rider to their goal.
In horse training she has a similar approach believing that kindness, encouragement and a sense of humor will help the entire team to leave the arena happier and more harmonious than how they walked in. It is important to her to approach teaching and training this way as there is never just one way to solve a problem, and both students and horses have a variety of learning styles.
Virginia believes in utilizing dressage work as physical therapy for both horse and rider, treating them as the athletic team they are. Whether your goals are to show, to improve your horse’s way of going or simply to develop a healthy relationship with your horse, VG Dressage can help you get there!
Virginia will travel to your barn or you can trailer in. Please click on the "Contact Us" page and send a message or give us a call for more information.