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"Virginia (Ginny) is a rare find in trainers (in my experience), with exceptional skills not only at teaching and riding but also at both horse and rider psychology. 


Working with her has completely changed the way I ride – as well as my relationship with my horse. My horse is both dominant and anxious, a tough combination… – and has health issues too.  But Ginny has helped me to “read” what he needs in different situations, and I love how much more patient and gentle I’ve become under her guidance. She’s the best!"


~Nancy Ehrenreich


"I took my first riding lessons with Ginny Giles in preparation for a trip to a guest ranch.  Five years later, I'm still taking lessons with her!  Ginny's explanations of what, why, and how to do things equine are endlessly inventive.  Her insights into horses and humans are impressive.  She is patient, constructive, observant, and an outstanding teacher."


~Susan Linville


"Ginny is great! She has such a calm and gentle presence that puts you at ease almost instantly. She is very kind and understanding and works with you where you are at and/or where your horse is at. You can tell that she really has you and your horse's best interests at heart and wants you both to have fun and succeed in your goals!"


~Darcie Ness


"Ginny is amazing!! She is calm and wants to make everything fun for the rider and the horse. There's never a fight and she knows that sometimes the agenda changes and the horse dictates the lesson. She explains everything in an easy fashion and in multiple ways. Love, love, love Ginny!"


~Robin Makineni


"LOVE training with Ginny. She is incredibly talented and is a wonderful instructor. I so appreciate her patience and ability to not only work with me but work with my horse to create a partnership where both my horse and I are enjoying our lessons. And she always leaves us with something to work on for the following lesson. For us that's been some ground work activities that have really helped us and improved our relationship. I highly recommend her for any age, but she is wonderful with the ladies! She is the BEST."

~Stef Luciano

"Ginny is a fantastic instructor. I have been riding with her for a little over a year and half after taking a 10‑year sabbatical from riding due to knee problems. Ginny helped me feel comfortable in the saddle again and has taught me exercises to gain strength in my knee. She is wonderful at helping you understand the horse better, from both a psychological and physiological standpoint, which then helps develop a better relationship with the horse.  Her patience, kindness, and insight make me a better rider every lesson. I have truly enjoyed riding with her and learning from her."

~Stephanie Nasick

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